We are an out-patient physical therapy facility that specializes in the evaluation, rehabilitation and prevention of orthopedic and sports-related injuries. We are a team of highly experienced and dedicated therapists whose aim is to provide patients with individualized, evidence-based treatments that will help decrease their pain, increase their mobility and strength, and improve their function. Through a combination of manual therapy, modalities, specific therapeutic exercises and education, we help our patients reach their goals and return to the activities they like in a safe and enjoyable manner. Lastly, we empower them by giving them the skills to prevent re-injury.



We believe that patients achieve the best results when they have our undivided attention. That's why we schedule each patient for 45 to 60 minute long sessions, which gives us ample time for a variety of treatment approaches and for constantly re-assessing the progress made. We personally supervise all the exercises performed by the patients, to insure that they have the correct form, recruit the right muscles and are comfortable with their home program. We make sure that our patients have all their questions answered and, if not, we are only a cell phone away.