Beth Rose Tanner, LMT, uses a unique combination of expertise, touch, knowledge and intuition developed over many years of experience.

Physical therapy and massage share similar goals - to facilitate healing, alleviate pain and restore function. Beth uses soft tissues techniques that focus on bringing balance to the body; she employs a holistic approach where the mind body connection is engaged through relaxation, which is considered an integral aspect of healing and attaining structural balance.

The combination of physical therapy, massage therapy and exercise optimizes the prevention of and recovery from injury and promotes an overall healthy state of being.



Tamra Rosenfeld, MS, is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She built her experience teaching in a graduate program, working in different hospital settings, and in her own consulting practice.

Nutrition counseling can be an important complement to physical therapy. Examples include an anti-inflammatory diet to benefit patients with arthritic conditions, weight loss to decrease pain and increase flexibility in hips and knees, and a high protein diet to reduce healing time after injuries or surgeries. Additionally, eating a balanced, healthy diet can help with energy, mood, blood sugar regulation and weight control.

Genetics, lifestyle, stress level, and activity levels can all influence diet. Tamra takes into consideration all of these factors and the result is an eating plan precisely tailored to each individual.