The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is an innovative ranking and grading system used to evaluate and document movement patterns essential to normal functioning. Starting from the premise that, in order to maximize performance, the whole body must function properly, the FMS identifies limitations, asymmetries and compensatory movement patterns - what it calls the weak links - that might jeopardize optimal body performance.

The screen generates the FMS Score, based on observing the client perform seven basic movement patterns that require a combination of mobility and stability. This score is used to pinpoint problems, track progress and design a program of corrective exercises aimed at strengthening the weak links and restore a biomechanically healthy motion.

The FMS is applicable to any population involved in fitness. It quickly identifies dangerous movement patterns and an individual's readiness to exercise. By prescribing the most beneficial and effective exercises, the FMS is an invaluable tool in preventing injuries and enhancing performance in weekend warriors and elite athletes alike.

We administer this test either as part of the physical therapy program or by itself, to clients who want to assess and improve their ability to perform specific sports or fitness activities.